i'm looking up at the hell valley sky trees

cus everybody seems to ignore their sight
i don't really understand if they exist
or are mearly an illusion of the light

but one night i was standing still for thirty seconds straight
and i saw them once again, out the corner of my eye
and i don't know what to think of this scenario at play
but i guess i could connect and come back another day

the other day, i was looking at my shadow
cus i never really thought to take in its sight
and i swear when the lightning struck through the window
i saw myself raised off the ground

i often think about the way my shadow seems to look
with its sunken eyes and droopy face and all that kinda stuff
and sometimes i fear that i might look the same, hopefully not
cus i do not want to be the one to facially rot

keep turning out the lights
you might find a surprise
and maybe m.d. seeger could play you a song
not for long, however, only for this single time

i have granted kids to hell!