henry eats in the dining room, there's nothing but human bones
nobody wants to gnaw on them, so henry goes home alone
henry knows that nobody enjoys his presence
so he goes to bed and dies

now, henry wakes up and is perfectly fine, it's a product of his design
he makes it so every person that he meets goes up in flames

henry's such a scoundrel, that he'll tear out all his veins

and replace them with barbed wire

born in a family of triplets and rhymes
words that mean nothing to anyone's minds

henry owns a theremin, he plays it every day
no one likes to hear it, though he never stops his playing

always bleeding from the nose, he finds himself with problems

that nobody else could have

so, henry goes to the grocery store, looking for a cure
finding nothing but carcasses and some dozens of eggs
he covers his eyes so he could forget what he was looking for
as he exits out the store

fixing his posture with wrenches and saws
waltzing along to a lunatic's song

henry returns to the dining room, there's nobody left alive
nobody left to hate him, and nobody left to decide
if nobody likes him and nobody hates him, then what is his purpose in life?
so he goes to bed and dies

kicking a bucket some two hundred times
after the funeral, he finally dies

nothing is known about henry's demise

nothing is known about henry's demise
to this day!